RAZAM In 2020, a series of demonstrations were born in Belarus against Aljiaksandr Lukashenko defined by the Western media as the last dictator of Europe Belarus, he is leading since 26 years ago. In 1994 Lukashenko won the presidential elections with 80% of the vote. According to the international observers that was the first and last time that elections were considered fair and free. After 26 years Lukashenko is still the leader and over his presidential mandates he centered around himself all the major state powers and the elections were held with total control of the mass media. Allegations of government corruption, refusal to take security measures for the Covid-19 pandemic kicked off the first protest against the presidency of Lukashenko which was held on May 24 in Minsk. The protests have been repeated several times repressed with violence, causing arrests, deaths and injuries. The demonstration of May 24th is only one of the many series of protests that have spread across the country and which are not still over.